NATURPACK is a 100% bio-degradable, loose fill packaging material. This award winning material is re-usable, all natural and made from corn meal. It is lightweight, abrasion resistant, dust free and anti-static cushioned pieces of protection for various products. This patented product originates from corn and utilizes the shell of the corn in a ground form, known as corn meal. Originally developed in Germany, it was brought here, patented and is manufactured locally. It is a growing industry with benefits for the environment and agriculture.

Our Product

The manufacturing process does not contribute to ozone-depleting pollutants like polystyrene production. It is processed through an extruder, which after it is heated, and begins to cool, simply expands. There is no harm to the environment with this production process. Naturpack is a product that although it is not for human consumption, is non-toxic to people and pets.

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