DISTILLER FILLER is a 100% bio-degradable, loose fill packaging material. This award winning material is re-usable, all natural and made from corn meal and distillers' grain that are by-products of locally grown field corn. It is lightweight, abrasion resistant, dust free and anti-static cushioned pieces of protection for various products. It is a growing industry with benefits for the environment and agriculture.

Photo: Chatham ethanol plant. Our source for distillers' grain.

Our Product

The manufacturing process does not contribute to ozone-depleting pollutants like polystyrene production. It is processed through an extruder, which after it is heated, and begins to cool, simply expands. There is no harm to the environment with this production process. Distiller Filler is a product that although it is not for human consumption, is non-toxic to people and pets.

Originally the process was done using only corn meal. Through our own recent research and experimentation, the addition of distillers' grain was implemented with total success. The result is a lower cost of production with the same effective quality product.

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